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Response to 'AMAZING whistling solos! Buskers perform...':

(Song starts 0:58) Thanks for all the support and requests for more music! My name is Vilray (vill-ree) and I'm a Brooklyn-raised guy who's been busking and playing here and there around NYC for a long while. It's so very gratifying to get such a warm response to my music! You've all really inspired me to get more recording done so hopefully I'll have much more to share in the near future. Please keep in touch and support me if my songs are working for you - with exclusive content now up!
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Title : Vilray the Whistling Busker Says THANKS + New Song!!
Owner : Vilray _
Duration : 4:18
Viewed : 38,609
Liked : 1386
Published : Apr 10, 2016
Quality :
Souce : YouTube

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